Curriculum Vitae of Lili Fang
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Curriculum Vitae of Lili Fang
1996—1998, doing postdoctor research in Postdoctor Mobile Institute of Sociology & Anthropology, Peking University, gaining postdoctor degree
1993—1996, studying in Dept. of Fine Art History, Art Academy of Tsinghua University, gaining doctor degree
1988—1991,studying in Dept. of Fine Art, Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute of the Ministry of Light Industry, gaining master degree
1986—1987, studying in the Central Academy of Art
1981, graduted from Fine Art Subject, Dept. of Arts, JiangxiGannanNormalCollege
Chief, Research fellow of the Art anthropology research center of Chinese national academy of arts
Member of the Chinese national expert committee of intangible cultural heritage protection
President of the Chinese art anthropology institute
Executive committee of Beijing municipal people’s congress, member of science, technology and culture committee
Main Works:
Main Works:
2008, Heritage-practices and experiments, Yunnan education press
2005, Collection of Fei Xiaotong’s Thoughts in his Later Years, published by Yuelu Academy of Classical Learning
2005, Chinese Ceramics, published by Wuzhou Publishing House
2003, Folk Kilns in Jingdezhen, published by People’s Art Publishing House,Works winning awards:2006, Folk Kilns in Jingdezhen, winner of the 2nd grade Outstanding Works Awardawarded byChinese Academy of Arts,
2001, Elapsing Ancient Town—Memories of the Ceramic City, published by Qunyan Publishing House, winning awards:2001, Tradition &Transition--Investigation of the New and Old Folk Kilns in Jingdezhen, winner of the 2nd grade Award for Philosophy & Sociology in Western China Region, winning awards:2003, Tradition & Transition--Investigation of the New and Old Folk Kilns in Jingdezhen, winner of the 2nd grade Outstanding Works Awardawarded byChinese Academy of Arts
2000, Qiyizaidao (Objects are meant for expressing the spirits)—Evaluation of the Aesthetics Thoughts of Chinese Ceramics, translated and published by Maili Gallery Publishing House of South Korea
2000, Tradition & Transition—Field Investigation of the New and Old Folk Kilns of Jingdezhen, published by Jiangxi People’s Publishing House
1995, The Theory of New Industrial Artistic Culture—Trend of the Creativity of Human Beings , published by Tsinghua University Publishing House, winning awards:1996, Theory of New Craftsmanship Culture--Trend of Creativity of Human Beings, winner of the 2nd Scholarship of Pingshanyufu
2006, Please Pay Attention to the Bearers of Intangible Cultural Heritage, in the 6th Volume of Artistic Review
2006, Studying Jiangcun Economy, Doing Anthropology Research, in the 5th Volume of magazine Qunyan
2006, Safegurading of Intangible Cultural Heritage during Globalization, in the 3rd Volume of Ethnic Arts
2006, Art Study during Position Transition, in the 2nd Volume of Art & Science
2006, Globalizatio

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