An Lizhe
2021/7/6 17:02:48

Dr. Lizhe An is a cultural anthropologist and professor at Chinese National Academy of Arts, and Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Art Anthropology Society. Her research embraces art of anthropology, intangible cultural heritage and art theory.
1、Gender, Costume, Heritage: Artistic Anthropology of Miao Costume and the co-author of Life Changes of Changjiao People
2、Weifang Kite Research.
二、Representative papers
      She has published more than 50 influential papers in the field of art anthropology in China and abroad, such as “How to Protect the Cultural Heritage of National Costume? ”, “From the Perspective of Historical Function Theory about the Revival of Traditional Handicraft - Weifang Kite,” “The Anthropology of Art and the Study of Contemporary Social Development,” “The Boundary and Integration: The Anthropology of Art and the Discipline Construction and Reflection of Art Sociology,” “Two Modes of Art’s Participation in Rural Construction,” and “Discourse and System: Protection and Inheritance of Weifang Kites.”

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