LIU Jian
2021/5/14 15:47:09

Liu Jian: Doctor of Art, Professor of Fine Arts College of Guizhou University, Executive Editor of Journal of Guizhou University (Art Edition), Tutor of Postgraduate Students. Director of Chinese Art Anthropology Society, Secretary General of Guizhou Aesthetics Society, Deputy Director of Guizhou 21st Century Poetry Research Center, and the discipline leader of the fifth group of philosophy, social science and art in Guizhou Province.
He has presided over one project of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education.
1、Study on the Relationship between Western Poetry and Painting: From the Early 19th Century to the Middle of the 20th Century,
2、coauthored New Art Principles, editor-in-chief of A Centennial Understanding of the Style of Baiqian Mountain -- Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Liu Zhibai and Redemption: The New Mission of Film Criticism,
二、Representative papers:
1、Art Anthropology as a Component of Art Science,
2、Field Regionalism and Ecology of Guizhou Miao Dances,
3、Dance Adaptation and the Change of "Kenhebei" (Jingle Dance) of Yi Nationality in Northwest Guizhou, etc.

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