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Dong Bo(female), professor of Music College of Inner Mongolia Normal University, PHD supervisor, Doctor of  Anthropology of Art of Chinese Academy of Arts, Post-doctor of Ethnomusicology of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Dr. Dongbo is also the deputy director of Committee of Civilized Culture and Art of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the member of the 13th Committee of CPPCC. She is also the director of Chinese Society for Anthropology of Arts, of the Religion Society of China, and of Nuo Drama Society of China, as well as the member of the Chinese Musicians Association. Dr. DongBo is the critic of “National Arts Fund Project” of the Cultural Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and one of the evaluation experts of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” of the Cultural Department.
Her academic achievements are as follows: 12 research projects, 3 books and 69 research papers. Representative works are “Hutukeqin” --- Ritual Performance in Mongolian Villages, Cultural Change and Mongolian Ritual Drama: An Artistic Anthropology Study of “Hutukeqin”, Official and Folk: A Study on the Sound of Mongolian Aobo Sacrifice Ritual.

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