WANG Yongjian
2020/6/7 13:27:31

WANG Yongjian, Doctor of Art, Associate Professor of the Institute of Art Anthropology of the Chinese Academy of Arts, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Art Anthropology . Focused on Art history; traditionalhandicraft; material culture theory; landscape production and consumption in urban art districts.
He presided over two research projects at the National Social Science Fund and provincial and ministerial levels, and participated in four key projects of the National Social Science fund, commissioned by the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Culture, the project of the State Bureau of Foreign Experts and the ministerial level. More than 50 papers were published in national core journals and important newspapers. Three papers were awarded the Fei Xiaotong Prize for Anthropology of Art(2013), the National Academy of Art Excellent Papers (2015)and the Fei Xiaotong Prize for Field Investigation(2018).
1.The knowledge genealogy of Chinese art anthropology since the new period.Beijing:China Federation of Arts and Culture Press.2017.
2.Art intervention in beautiful countryside construction. Beijing: Culture and Art Publishing House.2017.(Co-editor)
3.Entering the Art of Anthropology.Beijing:Beijing Times Chinese Press .2018.
二、Representative papers:
1. The Development Course of Art Anthropology in China since the New Period. WANG Yongjian,Annual Review of the Institute for Advanced Social Research vol.14;
2. Across Disciplinary Barriers, Practical Academic Innovation-An Introduction to Fang Lili's Art Anthropology Research" National Arts, No.1, 2013.
3. A New Perspective of Art Anthropology Research-Review of Beijing 798 Art Zone: Field Investigation and Tracing in the Context of Marketization, National Art, No. 3, 2016.
4. Theoretical Basis of Chinese Art Anthropology, Ethnic Art Studies, No.5, 2016.
5. Transplantation of Mazu Belief Accompanying the Trade of "Maritime Silk Road " Ceramics, Journal of Putian University, Issue 3, 2017.
6.Art Anthropology Research on Original Art Propositions, Arts Exploration, Issue 4, 2017.
7. Sanjiang Dong Nationality Painting: From Cultural Heritage to Human Resources", Southern Cultural Forum, No.5, 2018.
8. Reflections on the Field Work of Chinese Art Anthropology and Changes in the Way of Writing Ethnography, Arts Exploration, No.4, 2018.
9. Landscape Production in Post-Industrial Social Urban Art District——A Case of Taoxichuan in Jingde Town, National Arts, No.2, 2019.
10. Hepu Port and the Road of Ancient Marine Ceramics, Inner Mongolia Arts University, No.4, 2019.
11. Landscape Consumption in Post-Industrial Social Urban Art District——A Case of Taoxichuan in Jingde Town, National Arts, No.2, 2020.
12. The development process of Chinese art anthropology, Aichi University of Japan【Civilization 21】, No. 44.
三、Translation paper:
1. Art and Anthropology, by Raymond Firth, translated by Wang Yongjian, Nationa

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