Wang Tingxin
2020/5/13 14:53:27

Wang Tingxin, Professor, doctoral supervisor and executive vice president of Institute of Art, Communication University of China. He is selected as the leading talent of philosophy and Social Sciences in the national "ten thousand talents plan" and also is the famous cultural expert and "four talents in one batch" in the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee. He used to be the Dean of the school of arts in Southeast University, and also served as a member in the evaluation group of Art theory of academic degree committee of the seventh State Council;Vice chairman of Art Theory Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education;Executive vice president of China Academy of art theory; Vice president of China Art Anthropology Association; Vice president of China Nuo opera society Association; and Vice president of China National Architecture Research Association, etc.
He has been engaged in the study of opera art and art theory for a long time. He once presided over and completed the artistic general project of the National Social Science Foundation, such as The Research on The 20th Century Opera Communication Mode, etc. He is now in charge of the artistic major project of the National Social Science Foundation, Research on Contemporary Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Art and the general project Research on The Development of Art Theory in The New Era, etc. He has published many works, such as The Commentary on Jin Jian Ji; The Occurrence of Chinese Drama, Kunqu Opera and Folk Culture, Introduction to Art, The Cognitive Study on Chinese Art’s in overseas, On Art and Education, etc. He also published more than 130 academic papers.

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