Zhao Xudong
2020/5/8 21:39:24

Zhao Xudong, director of the institute of anthropology at Renmin University of China (RUC), as a professor of the College of Sociology and Population at RUC. In 1995, I entered Peking University and became a Ph.D. student of Prof. Fei Xiaotong, under his direction, I got rich experience in sociology and anthropology investigation, and my training in psychology and behavioral research was well integrated into the field of sociology and anthropology. My doctor degree thesis focused om the legal transformation in rural China, especially the pattern of dispute resolution in a north China village. Another topic is that the relationship between ritual revival and the state modernity in China. Representative publications in Chinese as followed: (1) Zhao Xudong, 2003, Power and Justice: Disputes Resolution in a North China Village. Tianjin: Tianjin Classic Publishing. (2) Zhao Xudong, 2003, Reflections on Indigenous Cultural Construction. Beijing: Peking University Press.(3)Zhao Xudong, 2003, The Logic of Negation--Reflections on Rural China Research. Beijing: Minzu Press.(4)Zhao Xudong, 2009, Expression of Culture Perspectives of Anthropology. Beijing: Renmin University Press. (5) Zhao Xudong, 2011, Law and Culture: The Research of Legal Anthropology and the China Experience. Beijing: Peking University Press. (6) Zhao Xudong, 2011, On the Edge of the Indigenous and Foreign Lands: Self, Culture, and the Other in Anthropological Researches. Beijing: Peking University Press. (7) Zhao Xudong, 2017, Structure and Reproduction: A Social Theory of Anthony Giddens. Beijing: Renmin University Press. (8) Zhao Xudong, 2018, Anthropology of Cultural Transformation. Beijing: Renmin University Press.

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